An honest visual and human immersion into the world of the enterprise. A world which we perfectly know and ignore at once. 

The series is not aimed for a commercial marketing campaign, it is simply a humanistic non stagged insight into the professional world. 

I was invited to visit the location of a pharmaceutical group Kilani and was given free rein to record visually what I saw and felt. The series is now exhibited in (La boîte) and (La Chapelle de l’IHEC). Additionally, part of the work is displayed in the book (La Boîte - Centre Of Contemporary Art Ten Years Of Artistic Experimentation In A Tunisian Entreprise) written by Paul Ardenne et Pierre-Noel Denieuil.  The Projects were curated and coordinated by Fatma Kilani and Patricia Triki. 

Some Insight from the exhibitions: photo credit: Pol Guillard
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